The Nokia N95 8gb – Fully Loaded With Sophisticated Features

It seems impossible not to consider Nokia if you are thinking of purchasing a new handset. Nokia is one of the big giants in the mobile phone market, that has launched a variety of gadgets. A number of advanced features and easy to use functionality can be witnessed in the models of this brand. Moreover, the handsets are offered along with a variety of attractive offers too.

One of those gadgets, that have gained wide popularity among its users is the Nokia N95 8GB. This handset comes with contract deals with a number of attractive tariff plans. These Nokia N95 8GB deals can be availed easily in the UK. You can either get them from the websites on the World Wide Web, or they can even be gotten from the retail shops. Many of the beneficial offers are provided along with various tariff plans. These offers may include free talk time and messaging, various types of free gifts and many others.

Apart from these deals, you would even find a number of advanced with sophisticated features in the Nokia N95 8GB, which is a third-generation mobile phone Most of the attributes that are supposed to be necessary for a third-generation handset, are existing in the N95 model. A high-quality camera, Internet access with advanced features and some other latest features can be witnessed in this widget.

The high-quality camera of this handset allows you to capture images and video clips in the digital quality. It has 5 megapixels of the camera with which you can capture still and moving images with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. The LED flash option would permit you to take crystal clear images even in faint light, can also be regarded as another specialty of this camera handset. Most of us, like to share our memorable moments with our friends and relatives. If your handset has data transferring capabilities, then you can send the video clips and pictures of your memorable events with ease. The N95 model has a number of data transferring features. You can transfer, videos, images, music files, and other data to other compatible widgets with the support of Bluetooth or infrared facilities. Bluetooth is a wireless feature with which data can be transferred to other compatible devices within a specific range. The data can also be transferred through infrared beams too with the help of the Infrared feature. Both these options would allow you to transfer the data totally free of cost. Fortunately, the Nokia N95 8GB has both these connectivity options. You can also see these videos and images clearer and larger on your television screen with its TV-out feature.

As the name suggests itself, the N95 8GB has a mammoth storage space, that allows the users to store large videos and good quality images. It has 8GB of internal memory along with 128 MB RAM. It has a good battery backup feature also that delivers up to 6 hours of talk time and 280 hours of standby time. Apart from all these, it also has many more new features that have created a lot of craze among the people. You can even get a dose of nice entertainment with its audio player and FM radio; Internet can also be accessed smartly with its WAP and HTML support browser; GPS and Nokia Maps would allow you to search the location and find yourself the track of an unknown destination; text and multimedia messages can be sent to the loved ones; and many others. In reality, handsets like the Nokia N95 8GB have proved to be a boon in the gadget market.