Popular video app Tik Tok banned

Tik Tok, a well-known application that enables users to create short videos, has been suspended in Indonesia, reported CNN Indonesia and Kumaran.

The Secretary of state for Communication and knowledge Technology confirmed this news inside a statement. The block has been around the place because of this mid-day. As the application can nonetheless be downloaded, all of the content inside it can’t be viewed.

The ministry stated it banned the application since it contains negative videos that are considered to become a bad effect on the youth. However, it added the ban might be lifted if Tik Tok can clean up its platform.

Bigo, a broadly used live streaming application, was blocked within the Muslim-majority country in 2016. The move was reversed once it sanitized its content.

Public sentiment in Indonesia is popping against Tik Tok, which is well-liked by 13 to fifteen-year-olds because it has clips of teens participating in provocative behavior. One particular video depicts a teenager dancing. After that, it cuts to some dead body, apparently a family member from the teen.

Online petitions, one of these received over 125,000 signatures, are with the application to become blocked.

Referred to as Douyin in China, Tik Tok is produced by Bytedance, exactly the same company behind popular Chinese news application Toutiao.

It isn’t the very first time the application has courted debate. It’s been found wanting in protecting the identity of minors, based on the South China Morning Publish. In Hong Kong, some youths are likely to harmful extremes to achieve attention from viewers.

Tik Tok has 150 million daily active users. Since launching outdoors of China in September 2017, it is a high five ranking application within the “video players and editors” category on the internet Play in 17 countries. It is also the main overall Android application in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. It’s # 4 in Indonesia.

Chinese media apps are beginning to dominate the planet stage. Bigo, that was produced through the founding father of China-based social networking YY, is really a global phenomenon, topping application charts in Southeast Asia and beyond.