Taste Friendship With The Social Energy Drink

Facedrink – Taste Friendship With The Social Energy Drink

Finally, just what everyone wanted–a drinkable version of their chosen social network. Taste the unwanted event invitations from people you barely know. Quench the insatiable need to “like” a few status updates. Figure out what sort of flavor a website is really supposed to have. There are really only a few things known about Facedrink. Facedrink apparently “Gives You Social Energy” to maintain your real social interactions the way you would manage your Facebook wall.

Taste Friendship With The Social Energy Drink

This is what Facedrink(not affiliated to social networking site facebook) is saying but do you believe. Facedrink is nothing like the other energy drinks, boasting some crazy outcomes. Facedrink not only claims to be tasting to those buds on your tongue, but the manufacturer of the drink also says that Facedrink will boost your social skills, allow you to confront that boss you’re so afraid of, all the while in keeping your energy level at a high rate. Facedrink is hailed as “the social energy drink” and claims to be the first non-Alcoholic Social Drink. I can’t argue the veracity of its claims because it says so on the product page. Apparently, judging by the promotional material available, a certain Barry Moustapha is the entrepreneur behind Facedrink.

The new pick-me-up is a blend of natural tropical flavors with taurine, guarana and 140 mg of caffeine. According to Moustapha the result of this formula is a unique and tasty way to get several hours of a crash-free energy boost to help get you through the day. Facedrink is delivered in a 2.5-ounce bottle with a blue package color and font that looks like it may go well after all those hours spent on the world’s most popular social media site.

The energy drink with its vague promise of fruity flavor seems to only be available online. Through its official website and Amazon, the drinks are sold by the six-pack for $18, making a single bottle $3. It’s a little on the expensive side for something drafted by a Monster can, but it looks like Facedrink fans will be paying for the experience. Facedrink, however, has no official connection to Facebook, meaning these will likely be in limited supply after Facebook lawyers get involved. A word to the wise, if you’re inclined to jump on this ephemeral bandwagon, best jump on quickly. Undoubtedly, once Zuckerberg and his cadre of $10,000 an hour attorneys catch wind of Facedrink, alas it will quickly be no more.

Manufacturers of Facedrink are saying that their drink will improve your social skills – Have you tried this drink and if so, what if any positive changes have you noticed?